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  • (AD10008) Bead Blossom (Mini Rabbit)

    Rotating penis blossom tip: Ultra Soft jelly penis head bores deeper with every twist and thrust. Rotating Shaft: New technology with 5 rows of 3 metal beads that spin in a full range of speeds!...

    £13.46 - £15.80

  • (AD10009) Bunny

    Gyrating and vibrating glans! Buzz bunny – the clitoral stimulator! Rotating massage beads! Featuring vibrations and rotation multispeed control! 17cm. Requires 3 x AA batteries. RRP £20.95

    £18.86 - £21.20

  • (AD10010) Bunny Rumbler

    Powerful squirmy motor, Soft and supple vibrating trunk gives maximum clitoral pleasure, Reversible rotating squirmy control, Multi speed. 7 Inches. Requires 4 x AA Batteries. RRP £19.95

    £17.96 - £20.30

  • (AD10011) Bunny Vibrator

    SPECIAL £10 OFF The Jack Rabbit vibrator was unanimously chosen as the ””best vibrator”” out of 40 different vibrators on Playboy TV’s ””Sexcetera”” Miranda was addicted to it on HBO’s ””Sex and the City””. The...

    £18.00 - £20.34

  • (AD10012) Double Bunny

    Fantastic rotating pearl shaft that squirms in either direction to satisfy your every need. Twin bunny vibes for maximum pleasure in both the Arse and Clitoris. 8 Inches. Requires 4 x AA batteries. RRP £21.95...

    £19.76 - £22.10

  • (AD10013) Eclipse Ultra 7 Rabbitronic

    Oscillating tip: Ultra-soft jelly penis head bores deeper as it rotates Rotating Shaft: New technology with 6 rows of 6 metal beads that spin at 6 different speeds! Ultra 7 power rabbit clit vibe: Ultra-soft...

    £30.56 - £32.90

  • (AD10014) G4 LED Rabbit

    JELLY OSCILLATING HEAD: Soft realistic looking penis tip penetrates your body deeper and deeper as it Oscillates! ROTATING SHAFT: Pro-Technology with 8 rows of 5 metal beads that SPIN at 4 different speeds…AND 2 Directions!...

    £36.06 - £38.40

  • (AD10015) Knobbly Wobbly Rabbit

    Soft and nobbed vibrator with dual motor action for extra clitoral stimulation. 18cm. Requires 2 x AA Batteries. RRP £10.95

    £9.86 - £12.20

  • (AD10016) Marvelous Rabbit

    Marvelous Rabbit Vibrator new Acoustic Superior design is new and we love it’s quiet yet powerful vibrations! The wonderful thing about this style of vibrator, is because it is so popular the manufacturers keep making...

    £26.96 - £29.30

  • (AD10017) NookiiToy Ooh La La Rabbit

    Discover your Ooh La La within with this powerful rabbit pack. Designed for women, the Ooh La La comes with six exciting varied speeds, operated by a top of the range 9 Volt battery with...

    £36.00 - £38.66

  • (AD10018) Purple Bumpy Bunny

    Here’s a rabbit with a twist! A very long shaft of beads and thin rubber combined with the bumpy texture make for a very, very different sensation. We’re tipping this one for the top. 7.5...

    £26.96 - £29.62

  • (AD10019) Rechargable Rabbit Vibe

    Silicone oscilating penis head: Soft realistic looking tip penetrates your body deeper and deeper as it oscilates! Threaded rotating shaft: Twisting-turning shaft with 4 rows of 3 metal beads that spin at 4 different speeds…and...


  • (AD10020) Pure Vibes Red

    A beautifully designed modern penis shape with a full 7 inches of tapering detailed shaft and our NEW pure ultrasoft silicone finish. The shaft rotates at 3 speeds and in both directions with the push...

    £20.66 - £23.00

  • (AD10021) Silent Spur

    Advanced soundless gearing, new highly orgasmic giant rotating balls for your ultimate pleasure. New technobeat & waterproof gear box. 8 squirmy functions and 8 vibrating functions. Probably the world’s first super squirmy vibrator. Free pink...

    £44.96 - £47.30