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(AD10016) Marvelous Rabbit

£26.96 - £29.30

Marvelous Rabbit Vibrator new Acoustic Superior design is new and we love it’s quiet yet powerful vibrations! The wonderful thing about this style of vibrator, is because it is so popular the manufacturers keep making them better than ever, and our new Marvelous Rabbit Vibrator is a prime example. Not only is it blessed with the world famous “Rabbit Vibrator” styling of smooth latex ears and rotating balls within the shaft but it’s new style mechanism makes it blissfully quiet! With easy to use push buttons for the on and off and a smooth slide vibration control to deliver just the right amount of stimulation, and so you don’t get lost in the dark, passionate light pulsations too! The acoustic superior design means it is head and ears above the competition!

7 inches. Requires 4 x AA batteries. RRP £29.95