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  • (AD10099) Anal Balls Large

    5 Large Beads on a string, Get Yours today and feel true extasy. Beads Guarantee a more satisfying Orgasm. RRP £4.50


  • (AD10100) Anal Balls Small

    5 Small Beads on a string, Small enough to fit in your purse. Remove quickly at the point of Orgasm. RRP £4.45


  • (AD10101) Boi Toyz

    Sensafirm rubber balls and chain are durable and flexible for deep action. Pulling the anal chain out quickly during climax brings your orgasm to new heights. Unique handle allows for a firm grip and total...


  • (AD10102) Butt-A-Cock

    Butt-A-Cock BEAD RIDER Glow in the dark. 11 Inch bead length. RRP £9.99


  • (AD10103) Dinky Beads

    Vibrating Thai love beads For him and her Waterproof Amazing One touch vibrator. 6 Inches. RRP £9.95


  • (AD10104) Flexi Felix

    The little joyful caterpillar This flexible anal beads consists of differently sized, elliptically formed elements, which deliciously stimulate when gradually introduced and pulled out again. The perfect toy for lovers of anal pleasure! 100% Silicone:...


  • (AD10105) Hooked on Crystal

    Feel the sliding power of this rigid double delight. “You’re gonna get caught baby!” 8.5 Inches. RRP £15.95


  • (AD10106) Jelly Vibrating Anal Beads

    Continuous string of beads with vibrating controls. The perfect sexual aid for anal stimulation. Requires 2 x AA Batteries. RRP £21.95

    £19.76 - £22.10

  • (AD10107) Jezebel's Beaded G-Bar

    Soft jelly coated sleeve enclasps the length of the “Bar” for a sensual & Natural feeling. 6.5 Inches. RRP £14.75


  • (AD10108) Jumbo Thai Beads Pink

    Thai Beads, from the orient the perfect sexual aid. Thai Beads guarantee a stronger and more satisfying Orgasm. 27cm. RRP £3.99


  • (AD10109) Mantric Pleasure Beads

    A great new twist on the Thai bead sensation. These beads are strong and hard, but are coated in super-silky Natural Feel material. We reckon these are the best thai beads this side of Bankok...


  • (AD10110) Reverberating Jelly Beads

    Sturdy Translucent Jelly Beads with vibrating controls and easy to use retrieval ring, for men and women. Requires 2 x AA batteries. RRP £16.95

    £15.26 - £17.60

  • (AD10111) Thai Beads Anal Strip

    The Perfect Sexual aid for stimulation, simple to use and very effective. RRP £4.50


  • (AD10112) X-10 Bead

    One continuous string of deep pink jelly, they’re the perfect anal love toy. RRP £6.95