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Play it wild and hot” SEXXXWEB can be played by 2 players or by two teams. A team consists of 1 or 2 players. Together the members decided on the strategy to use. The player who first reaches the heart of the SEXXXWEB is the winner of the game. Only unbridled passion can release both players from the web of sensuality… It begins innocently enough, but as the game progresses the players become more and more caught up in the web of sensuality. The path that players take with the very first throw of the die transports them from Soft to Warm and then through Hot on the way to Hard. The hotter it gets the greater number of garments that are peeled off. And if that wasn’t enough, the players are asked for the shirt off their back…Which player will be the first to be trapped in the heart of the SEXXXWEB and see his/her racy list of desires come true? Object of the game is the first player to reach the heart of the web. The cards that he or she has collected form the list of desires to be fulfilled with the opponent.

RRP £25.95