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(AD10141) Fetish


Fetish the game for Daring Couples…......

Fetish is the game that allows you and your partner to safely explore popular sexual fetishes. You begin by placing your markers at the start of the game board. There are four different paths you can take, and you select a path based on which fetish you would like to begin exploring.

The four fetishes of the game are food, feet, voyeurism and domination. While venturing along your selected fetish path, you select fetish cards containing adventures ideas that you and your partner then enjoy together. When you reach one of the four midpoint spaces, you act out the fetish it represents, the decide to either continue along the same fetish path or select a new one to explore.During your journey you determine an ultimate fantasy and record it on one of the Euphoria Cards. The player who reaches the Euphoria space wins, and you and your partner act out the winner’s ultimate fantasy.

Game Includes:
  • A 10 inch x 14 inch game board
  • 24 Food cards
  • 24 Feet cards
  • 24 Voyeurism cards
  • 24 Domination cards
  • 12 Euphoria cards
  • Two game markers
  • Easy-to-learn game rules
  • A die

RRP £12.99”