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(AD10078) Student XXXchange DVD


University, the best days of your life or so they say; especially if what happens in Student XXXchange happens or has happened to you!

Meet Jeffrey, our bungling tutor, who has decided to invite ‘some foreign lovelies’ onto campus for an exchange programme to help the students with their studies. However unbeknown to Jeffrey, he has ordered three European escorts instead! Blimey what a c’ck up!

Scene 1:
Jeffrey reveals his plans to Simon, the Dean. Simon thinks it is a brilliant idea and sees it as a way of getting rid of a few ‘ugly rotters’ and a chance to bring in some fresh talent. To that end he quickly dismisses Jeffrey from his study claiming that he has a student body to attend to. Infact the only body he attends to is Eve a beautiful Polish student who can say yes in 30 different languages. Now there’s a class act!

Scene 2:
Probably the perfect afternoon for any student is to watch Countdown and get stoned. But what if you really got f’ck’d?! Stoner and Boner are having a debate about the difference in taste of one’s man fat when there is a ring at the door. Sandy, ‘the exchange student’ comes in and immediately settles the conundrum by taking one from the top and one in the bottom!

Scene 3:
To benefit completely from the exchange programme the visiting student stays at the home of the student they are exchanging with. However Anna, an English student is out, leaving her Dad to make small talk with ‘our euro girl’, Sharka. While Dad is getting the drinks, Sharka settles in and prepares her own euro vision. Upon his return, Dad union Jacks her with a sterling performance adding weight to the GBP or indeed the Great British Pounder.

Scene 4:
Another good student trait is to tell a good yarn to your mates over a beer, especially when it’s true! Demetri is recounting the time when he came home to find this ‘exchange student’ sprawled out over his bed. Thinking that she was there to help him with his oral, he was very surprised to find her steering him on a different course, right into her Czech Repubic!

Scene 5:
Finally, the Head of Department is at his digs and on the phone when all three of our euro girls turn up demanding their money. Looking completely bemused, the penny drops as he realises what Jeffrey has done! These Czech chicks need no second invitation to f’ck and having been paid, they set about the Head with undeniable gusto and transform his meat and two veg into a very fine goulash.

Student XXXChange is a must have for all foreign language students and although it helps the British to integrate freely with our European partners it is a welcome song to our new European friends as we allow their fervent tongues to loosen our very stiff lips.

Rated 18. RRP £17.95