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(AD10076) Asia Carrera 3 Film DVD


Three films with over 3 hours running time starring the legendary Asia Carrera.

Free Ride:
A desolate country road. A hot-bodied hitchhiker. Sex so good it’s almost scary! Asia Carrera stars as a mysterious pick up who changes the lives of everyone who takes her for a ride!

My Second Life:
What if the love of your life passed on into the next plane? And what if they came back to you, if only for a day? Thomas Paine’s look into the supernatural will take you by surprise, first with scorching, couple oriented sex, and then the questions you may be asking yourself long after the video is over.

Dark Influence:
Asia Carrera’s new house has some interesting features: It’s haunted! Asia doesn’t mind the sexy ghosts who moan all night long.

Rated 18. RRP £17.95